Conference Planning

Conference Planning

Looking for a fresh, innovative theme for your next business conference? Hunting Alligators is the answer.

Each chapter of Hunting Alligators deals with a topic that is relevant to any small business owner. In addition, each chapter is freestanding and based on a story that teaches just one business principle so it’s easy to understand and digest.

Remember those stories from your childhood – stories told by your parents, grandparents or favorite aunt? Yep, I was sure you remembered those. . .

The stories in Hunting Alligators will stay with your conference attendees long after they leave the conference, and they will then remember the lessons taught by the stories.

Some of the stories are funny, others are pointedly serious. Most have a humorous twist to make them readable. The accounts are drawn from personal experience and from contemporaries who have shared their successes and foibles with me—tales from the trenches where we small business owners live and work. Your conference attendees will relate to the narratives and learn techniques to help them avoid the mistakes I have made (and learned from).

So, how do you use the book to supercharge your next conference?

There are dozens of different topics covered in Hunting Alligators, so you have a wide range of subjects from which to select for group discussion. All of the topics in the book are relevant to any small business – the book is universal in its approach – so finding suitable topics will be easy.

Have James Beckham present a chapter of your choosing from the book to the full conference. (Pick one subject for discussion in the morning and another topic for the afternoon.) After James’ presentation, create break-out groups to talk about application of the principles presented in that chapter and shared by James. Have each small group report back to the full conference the consensus of that group on how they can apply those principles to increase profits, solve problems or streamline their business operations. Share and learn from one another with Hunting Alligators starting the conversations.

At the end of the first day, present each attendee with their own copy of Hunting Alligators to spark evening discussions over drinks and start the conversation the next day. Cost of the books is rolled into your conference enrollment fee.

Contact James Beckham for more ideas on how to use Hunting Alligators to excite the attendees of your next business conference.

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