Speaking & Consulting


James has years of experience addressing groups of all sizes on sales and marketing and how to run a successful business.

He has taught numerous classes for the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA). At NSCA Expos, James has taught classes ranging from 1 hour to 2 days in length. He has acted as a facilitator for many discussion groups and break-out sessions. In other venues, he has spoken to audiences of as large as 1200.

Because of his decades as a professional musician, James is comfortable speaking and performing in front of groups ranging from a dozen people to thousands. He has conducted marching bands in front of 50,000 people and performs weekly on live television, so he is totally comfortable being “on stage.”

As a trained educator, James taught university students from freshmen to graduate students. He also taught grades 4-12 in the Texas public schools. His training as an educator taught him how to “read” a classroom (or group of adults) and understand how to hold the interest of a group. . . including 8th graders!

James is available to speak at your next event or seminar and share his wealth of knowledge on running a successful small business. James’ sage advice for sellers, from novices to seasoned professionals, will energize your sales team and provide fresh, funny insights into the sales process.


Having a problem?  Give me a call and let’s discuss how I can be of help.  I consult on the phone or in person at your offices. 

Contact James Beckham today                          james@av1.com                             806/372-4487